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  I’ve always been drawn to the everyday simple beauty of things. Those moments that I really stop and pay close attention. I will be walking, or driving or in a deep conversation and a moment will stand out that makes me really stop and focus my attention. Those are the rare moments that I really relish and love. Through good times or difficult times, I know that when I walk out my door, that beauty still exists. And it means more when I’m not looking for it.  I am a person who needs a lot of alone time, and I think that my photographs represent that side of my personality. I have two great dogs, Halia and Kanoa, and we walk often. I really enjoy our daily walks but after awhile, the walks around my neighborhood got boring. To keep the walks interesting, I started to take them to other neighborhood, on hikes, down to the beach, anywhere that was new or interesting and a place we both could go to and explore. So, I started taking my camera with me everywhere I went. If I saw something that caught my eye, I’d stop and snap a picture. Simple as that, I am just trying to capture the moment.  For years, I made a living as a ceramic and metal sculpture, having owned and operated my own studio/gallery for years, and I was fortunate to show in many others. But a few years ago, the photography bug bit me. I became fascinated with the art form. At first it was a hobby, then a serious interest, and now it has become my full time occupation and profession. So, thank you for taking a look at my work. If you appreciate my photography, whether you know it or not, you have now become a friend of mine. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. With kind regards, Richard Protheroe